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Making the Connection Toolkit Training

Youth Now’s Making the Connection Toolkit helps youth and adults make the connection between ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences), toxic stress, brain development, and substance use. The toolkit was designed for adults who work with, mentor, or care for youth ages 12-20 and want to create ongoing conversations and connections with youth.

The toolkit includes:

  • Realistic examples
  • Current science
  • Engaging activities

The toolkit helps adults:

  • Master the conversation about toxic stress, coping, and youth substance use
  • Talk WITH youth instead of teaching AT them
  • Guide youth to healthier coping skills and connection with people and resources

Participants will receive access to all modules, handouts, and toolkit guide. Other resources will be made available as developed


The Making The Connection Toolkit is a part of the Youth Now Prevention Initiative, created by PREVENT! Coalition and ESD 112. Funding is provided through the Washington State Department of Health, dedicated Marijuana Funding.