The PREVENT! Coalition has a vision of a healthy, thriving community free of the effects of substance abuse. To achieve such a mission takes the individual actions of community members. Our role at a community coalition is to help educate and empower community members and volunteers on how to get involved with realizing this vision.

What's the difference between advocacy and lobbying? Find out more:

Add your voice to community based prevention efforts.

CADCA is a national educational and advocacy coalition for substance prevention that supports over 650 coalitions across the county.  Connect to your elected officials through CADCA.  

WASAVP is recognized as the lead voice for state and national advocacy in matters of substance abuse and violence prevention for Washington State. WASAVP financially through membership to support state lobbying and educational materials. You can also sign up for their free online newsletter with Action Alert items to make public comment on proposed state legislation. 

WLCB oversees the implementation of rules, licensing, and enforcement of alcohol and marijuana in Washington State. The WLCB website has multiple updates, a mailing list and email address ( for direct comment.