For a Healthy, Thriving Clark County Free of the Effects of Substance Abuse
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PREVENT! is a non-profit volunteer coalition of community organizations, groups and individuals working together toward a common goal of building a safe, healthy and drug-free community in Clark County, Washington. It was conceived by a small group of concerned citizens who hosted a community roundtable in April 2005 to discuss the need for a more focused and collaborative community effort to keep our youth healthy and drug free.

In October of 2007 and again in 2012 PREVENT! received the Drug Free Communities grant, providing over $500,000 over the course of five years for community-level prevention work throughout Clark County. 

PREVENT! Coalition Leaders:

Shane Gardner, PREVENT! Coalition Chair, Shane.Gardner@clark.wa.gov

Joy Lyons, Drug Free Communities Coordinator, joy.lyons@esd112.org 360-952-3397

Our Vision: "Working Together for a  Healthy, Thriving, Clark County Free of the Effects of Substance Abuse."

Our Mission: "
To prevent and reduce youth substance abuse and underage drinking through increased collaboration for community-level change."

Our Goals:

  • Prevent the onset and reduce the progression of substance abuse (including underage drinking) by identifying and addressing factors that minimize the risk of substance abuse among youth;
  • Serve as a catalyst for increased citizen participation and greater collaboration among all sectors of and organizations within Clark County to build capacity for conducting prevention strategies.

Our Strategies:

PREVENT! aims to reduce the risk factors known to contribute to substance use and increase the factors that are known to protect youth from using substances, including:

  • creating a community culture that promotes healthy choices
  • advocating for policies and regulations that protect, empower and nurture youth
  • facilitating positive opportunities for youth to be involved in the community.

Because alcohol, marijuana and prescription drugs are used by youth more than other drugs, PREVENT! is concerned with policies and regulations regarding these substances, the social attitudes regarding these substances, and the ease of access of these substances for youth.

Our Members:

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The Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition of Clark County
2500 NE 65th Avenue
Vancouver, WA 98661-6812
Phone: 360-952-3397

Email: joy.lyons@esd112.org