OUr Mission & Vision

Our vision: A healthy, thriving community free of substance abuse.

Our mission: Connecting and supporting communities to build resilience and prevent youth substance use. 


PREVENT! The Substance Abuse Coalition of Clark County is a community coalition formed in 2005 to increase community collaboration, awareness, and reduce youth substance abuse in Clark County. As a community mobilizer, PREVENT! promotes a healthy, thriving community free of the effects of substance abuse . PREVENT! is supported by the Drug Free Communities Support Program, the ESD 112, and over 500 community members and organizations across Clark County. 
Research shows that a connected community is a safe and healthy community.
PREVENT! strives to be a connector for all substance abuse prevention efforts in Clark County. PREVENT! consists of members from the entire community and works to build capacity for conducting prevention strategies in collaboration with parents, youth, schools, media, business, government, faith communities, law enforcement, healthcare professionals, and other prevention organizations. 


Prevention is using upstream thinking to make environmental changes aimed at protecting kids in our community. Prevention work aims to reduce the risk factors known to contribute to substance use while increasing the factors that are known to protect youth from using substances. We know that bolstering protection factors in a community includes:

  • Creating a community culture that promotes healthy choices
  • Advocating for policies and regulations that protect, empower and nurture youth
  • Facilitating positive opportunities for youth to be involved in the community.

Prevention efforts aim to serve as a catalyst to increase participation and collaboration among all sectors of a community. With the support of the community, capacity for conducting prevention strategies can be effective and long-lasting.